Lawnmower Maintenance Tips

It is important to take care of the environment and especially around our homes. To do this, we need different machines for different works example like lawnmower which is a tool for cutting grass.

It is important to take care of the machine to make sure it lasts long and helps you get great results when using it. The following are some maintenance tips that you can have for the lawnmower:-

Lawnmower Maintenance Tips

Spark plug checking

As a result of cutting grass for long, the plug can be dirty, and it needs cleaning. Before re-installing, it is essential to check the gap. You have to replace the insulator around the spark plug if it is cracked.

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As a result of cutting grass for a long time, it is important to sharpen the blade from time to time otherwise dull blade will just shred the grass instead of cutting it.

Air filters change

It is important to modify the air filter as directed by the machine maker. Dirty air filter will affect the performance of the machine

Fresh gasoline usage

It is necessary always to use fresh gas for your mower. The usage of stale gas thickens and reduces the flow to the carburetor which affects the machine making it hard to start.

Check the oil regularly

Just like any other machine lawnmower has oil. It is important to keep checking the oils and replace it from time to time. Drain and refuel with fresh oil if the one inside turns dark black in color.

Undercarriage cleaning

With time grass can be stalked in the undercarriage. Scrape the grass in the undercarriage using a wire brush. It is advisable to disconnect the spark plug before removing the grass in the undercarriage.

Grease the mower often

It is important to do this often, spray degreaser on stains of oil and allow for around 15 minutes before wiping it using a clean piece of cloth. Finish up the process by rinsing using a hose.

Tire pressure

knkdnbkdnbkdnbknbkfdnkbAlways make sure that you check the tire pressure often using a pressure gauge to keep it constant and especially when using pneumatic tires. Proper checking of tire pressure will ensure that the lawnmower works well when cutting grass.

It is important to maintain your lawnmower well to ensure that it does the grass cutting job well, and also it lasts for long. If the machine is not well maintained it cause health complications especially ones that use diesel as the power source.

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