How to make an Invoice

Invoices can be scary for small businesses because they sound so formal and difficult. However, all an invoice is, is a bill. It’s a record of the goods and services you gave a client, as well as how they can pay you. Invoices keep everyone on track and ensure that you are getting paid for the correct services that you provided.

Having an online invoice service can help you send out professional invoices to all of your clients automatically once you input the information. If you don’t send out invoices properly and on time, then you won’t look as professional as you could, and this could impact your clientele.

What is an invoice?

online invoice service

They need to be easy to use, manage, and close. That way you can get paid, your clients are held accountable for their payment, and you have a record of how much money is being brought in by each client.

Types of invoices

Invoices can take on many different types, including proposals that tell the client what you will do and when you will do it, as well as your cost. Most of the time these are estimates, but it’s a good baseline for both you and the client to see what the work will cost.

Progress invoices are milestones, where clients can pay for work in parts as it is completed. This can work for big jobs where there are a lot of moving pieces or parts. Then once the project is over you can send a final invoice to wrap everything up.

Finally, there are timesheet invoices that show off the payment for an amount of time worked. This can be good for hourly businesses, where you can show the client the time you worked on the project and the payment that you require for the work.