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Fun Facts About Fingerprints That Will Make You Smile

Most people don’t think a lot about fingerprinting.  They probably will never use it, after all. They know that it is a service that is done and that there are a few purposes of fingerprinting, but that’s about as far as most people’s realm of knowledge expands. We’re here to make a change and provide you with a few fun fingerprinting facts that might make you smile. Are you ready to learn?

fingerprinting services centennial co

Why Do We Have Fingerprints Anyway?

There are a few layers of human skin. Each layer has a sub-layer. Epidermis grows at a different rate on the fingerprints than the rest of the skin, which causes twisted layers of skin to form together in a swirl shape. This is the fingerprints that you see when put in ink and placed down on a paper or other surface.

Bone Measurements

Fingerprints have not always been used. Alphonse Bertillon was a policeman and a researcher in France who developed a strategy that measured each person’s dimensions. The strategy is still used in mugshots that are taken today! It was known as the Bertillon System and used the bones in our body and their uniqueness to identify who we were.

Fingerprinting is Used for These purposes

Many people will have their fingerprints taken at some point in their life. It is done for child identification, when you are arrested and put into the county jail, when applying for some jobs, and for an abundance of additional reasons. It is safe to say that fingerprinting services centennial co are used for many purposes.

Not Everyone Has Fingerprints

As spooky as it might sound, some people are born without fingerprints. It is usually genetic conditions that stop a person from developing their fingerprints, primary conditions such as Naegeli-Franceschetti-Jadassohn Syndrome and adermatoglyphia.